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Wendy Zarate has loved doing hair and makeup as a hobby from a very young age. She now feels lucky to be able to do it professionally. After relocating to Minnesota, Wendy, a former languages teacher, decided to follow her love for hair and makeup. She attended a renowned Twin Cities Cosmetology school, where she attained her license.

Wendy sees her work in the beauty industry as an opportunity for creativity and personal interaction and growth. She is a firm believer that looks, not being the most important aspect of an individual, do affect the person's overall mood and the way they present themselves to the world. A beautiful, confident bride is a happy bride!

Wendy loves dramatic makeovers and funky hair styles, but strives in the marriage of these two with natural, believable beauty. Therefore, she has a wide range of style expertise, from relaxed beachy looks, to total glamour vintage style.

Wendy Zarate serves the Twin Cities and surrounding areas where she currently resides. She is also happy to travel for your destination event.

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